FinalMix — Installation

FinalMix is a multiplatform application. Although the application behaviour should be the same (or almost the same) on all supported platform, the apperarance, installation and especially the compilation may differ.

Binary installation

If you have a precompiled version of FinalMix, the installation should be rather simple. There is no installation program or script needed. Just copy the binary file (i.e. fm on Linux, FinalMix.exe on Windows) to any directory you preffer and run it. The suggested locations are c:\windows, /usr/local/bin (for system-wide installation on Windows and Linux) and the user's home directory for user-specific installation.

The precompiled binaries are usually build statically, or at least statically against wxWidgets (so you just need GTK on Linux, but not wxWidgets, and nothing extra on Windows).

Installation from sources


This also applies to all other unices.

  1. Install wxWidgets (2.4.x) for your system (It should be possible to use GTK1, GTK2, Motif and possibly other ports).
  2. Unpack the sources of FinalMix.
  3. Run ./configure.
  4. Run make.

If everything went OK, the produced binary is fm.

MS Windows

  1. Install wxWidgets sources (2.4.x).
  2. Patch the file include/wx/defs.h with this patch (this is essential for the successful compilation of FinalMix).
  3. Compile wxWidgets (non-unicode non-dll release build preffered).
  4. Unpack the sources of FinalMix.
  5. Setup Visual Studio with the wxWidgets library and header directories.
  6. In Visual Studio open the workspace file win32/FinalMix.dsw.
  7. Select Release configuration and build FinalMix.exe.